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Marksman Gets Free Scope For Discovering Store Owner’s Wife’s Infidelity


Marksman Gets Free Scope For Discovering Store Owner’s Wife’s Infidelity

Being cheated on is really painful. The process of moving on is so hard that sometimes you think of bad things just to get even. Such as the story of a store owner who discovers his wife’s infidelity.

Here’s the story:

“A marksman walks into a weapons store, looking to buy a new scope for his sniper rifle. The marksman tells the owner he wants the best one available.

The owner shows him a piece and says “This one has a reach of over 1 km. That’s so far, you can see crystal clear my apartment from here. Third floor, fourth one from the left.”

The marksman grabs the scope and looks in the direction the shop owner was pointing. Then he says “I’m impressed! I really can see it clearly from here! In fact, I can even tell that there’s a man and a woman both naked on the balcony.”

The shop owner, realizing what was going on, says “Tell you what: You can keep this scope free of charge if you shoot my wife in the head and that guy in the dick.”

And as he says it, he hands over two bullets to the marksman.

The marksman replies “Hold your horses’ old man, give me few seconds here and I should be able to do it with only one bullet!”

This story is only intended to make you laugh. Rest assured that no cheaters were harmed during the making of this story. Though this serves as a lesson not to cheat anyone as karma is just one shot away. LOL!

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